Tips for the Best Car Audio System Quality & Sound

How to get best car stereo speakers in Escondido

Your car is your baby. You’ve put a lot of time, effort, and cash into making it exactly how you want it. The sleek paint job, tinted windows, and shiny set of rims are a reflection of your personal style. While the exterior of your car undoubtedly turns heads as you’re flying up the 15, the inside of your car can create just as big of an impact. No, we don’t mean new leather seats or in-dash navigation, though those things are definitely must-haves. We’re talking about a high-quality sound system.

How much time do you spend in your car? If you’re like most San Diegans, you sit in traffic for about 75 hours every year. That’s not even including weekends spent driving to and from LA, or that road trip you took to Vegas for your buddy’s bachelor party. In fact, it’s times like these when having excellent sound quality matters the most. Being able to listen to your favorite music with better clarity and at full volume makes the experience of hitting the open road that much better.

If you’re wondering how to get the best sound quality for your car, we’ve got answers. What follows are some suggestions for how to improve your car’s sound system so it can reach its full potential.

Upgrade your car’s factory speakers

Before you consider adding an amplifier or subwoofer (more on those later), consider installing a new set of high-quality aftermarket speakers. It’s the best way to get the tighter bass and crystal clear sound you’re looking for.

Use sound deadening material for the best sound quality

Your car is made of metal, which means you’re basically listening to music in a tin can. If you apply a sound deadening material to your car door panels, like Dynamat, you’ll drastically cut down on vibration and road noise. This simple fix will make for a much better listening experience.

Add an amplifier for clean car stereo quality

An amplifier is crucial to getting the best car sound quality. It’ll provide more clean power than any factory stereo, and you’ll notice a night-and-day difference immediately. Your system will sound better whether you listen to Santana at a conversational level or Styx turned up to 10.

Add a subwoofer for a deep rich car stereo bass

If you’re looking for deep, rich bass tones you can feel in your bones, you’re going to need a subwoofer. We’ve installed car stereo systems for years, and we still love to witness that “Wow” moment when someone hears their favorite tunes in a whole new light. Get a subwoofer – you won’t regret it.

Build a better subwoofer box for a great car sound system

It’s not that hard to make a sub box on your own. It’s the best way to get the look and feel you want without dropping a ton of money. Just make sure it’s sealed against air leaks so you don’t limit the potential of your sweet new setup. Of course, you can always buy a pre-built enclosure that’ll work with your subwoofer.

Ready to improve the sound quality in your car in Escondido?

The outside of your car already looks awesome. Now it’s time to focus on the interior with a high quality sound system that’ll transform your driving experience. At Audiosport in Escondido, we’re proud to carry only the best car audio brands to give our customers the quality of sound they’re looking for. Not exactly sure what you want? Don’t worry. Our knowledgeable, professional staff will be happy to help you find your personal preference.

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