Audiosport offers the very best deals in Escondido. We offers deals and specials on tires, tinted windows, rims, car audio, stereos, speakers, and more.

Specials on Tires, Rims, Wheels, Car Audio, Car Video & More!

Audiosport in Escondido offers the very best deals so you can get great prices and specials on car window tinting, car audio, car stereo speakers, car security, theft prevention and more.

Audiosport Escondido is the place to be if you want your car to have a bumping sound system, amazing tires and rims, a video screen built in to your car, premium car theft prevention, sweet tinted car windows, beaming HID headlights and much more! Not only do we carry the best brands and offer premium installation, we also want to save you money! Audiosport is always offering new deals and specials to help out our loyal customers. We believe in offering top quality products at affordable prices, so please check out some of our amazing discounts.


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Window tinting is almost a necessity when you live in San Diego. With the sun beaming down upon us seemingly 365 days a year, protect yourself and your car with window tinting from Audiosport. We offer specials and discounts on tinting.

Nothing can help your car go from looking good to great like some awesome new rims or wheels. Audiosport has a selection of amazing rims and wheels to rival any other one in San Diego. For a limited time, we are offering great discounts and deals on rims, wheels and tires.


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Audiosport Escondido can upgrade your existing car headlights with premium HID headlights. See better at night and drive more safely around San Diego with HID lights. We offer great discounts and deals on HID headlamps.