San Diego Car Window Tinting Laws for Tinted Windows

Window tinting law in California

There are many benefits to tinting the windows on your personal or commercial vehicle, but what do you need to know to keep your tinting legal?

California Car Window Tinting Law

First of all, San Diego residents should be aware that California law (regulations are set and enforced by state) requires that their front driver and passenger windows not be darkened to any less than 70% VLT, or visible light transmission. This means that your automobile windows must allow at least 70% of light to pass through.

However, the back side and rear windows on your car, sedan, truck, SUV, or van are permitted to be film darkened as much as you'd like (even an ultra-dark “limo tint”) to dial in your own preference in style, security, and privacy.

Window tinting is a cost-effective and fashionable way to reduce glare and heat within a vehicle, but California drivers should keep in mind that mirrored or reflective film of any kind is not allowed on any automotive.

San Diego Car Window Tinting Rules

A handful of other important rules apply to tinted windows in San Diego County. They include:

  • A vehicle with tinting on rear windows is required to have dual side mirrors with at least 200 feet of visibility.  
  • Blue, red, amber, or any other color of tinting (including anything more reflective than un-tinted glass) is not permitted.
  • Drivers must carry a sticker or certificate designating that their tinting film manufacturer is certified to operate in the state of California.
  • In some cases, medical exemptions are permitted with a doctor’s prescription provided that the tinting is removed at night.

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