Backup Camera System Installation Escondido, CA

Backup Camera System Installation in Escondido.

Whether you’re backing out of your driveway or parallel parking downtown, it’s nearly impossible to get a clear view of what’s behind your car. Try as you might to crane your neck and check every blind spot, there’s always a chance you could cause a collision with another object or vehicle. If you’re constantly worried about denting your bumper, hurting a pet, or backing into a pole in a parking lot, you need a backup camera from Audiosport.

Drive safer with a backup cam

Once a high-tech feature on select vehicles, the backup camera has gone mainstream in a big way. A backup camera, or rearview camera, is essentially a tiny video camera that is mounted in a downward angle on the back of a car. The image is flipped horizontally so the orientation matches the driver’s when it appears on the navigation display. By showing a driver what’s behind his or her bumper, a rearview camera eliminates the rear blind spot and aids in a safe reverse.

How a backup camera works

When you shift your car into reverse, your backup camera automatically turns on. In basic models, the video display on your navigation system will show an image of the area behind your car. Some backup cameras also include lines that make parallel parking a snap. When you turn your steering wheel, the lines on the video display adjust to show the distance between your car and another object. This is critical for protecting your rims from curb rash. Other models include a backup sensor that illuminates a warning light or makes warning sound when it detects an object behind your car.

Avoid parking lot accidents with rear cross traffic alert

Backup cameras work great, but standard models have a limited field of vision. All it takes is one close call backing out of a parking space to feel paranoid about causing a collision with an oncoming car. Eliminate the worry of a parking lot accident with a backup camera equipped with rear cross traffic alert. This feature uses extra backup sensors to monitor both sides of your vehicle and will alert you if it detects a car approaching from the left or right.

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At Audiosport, we’re not the only ones who think installing a backup camera is a good idea. In 2018, a new regulation set by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration will make backup camera technology required on all new vehicles sold or leased in the U.S. These security devices can help make sure your car, your passengers, and everyone around you are safe when your car is in reverse. Best of all, you don’t need to buy a new car to have one.

Backup cameras are compatible with nearly all vehicles. Whether you opt for an aftermarket touchscreen receiver with rearview video input, a rearview mirror display, or a dash-mounted monitor, our technicians can help you select the right model and perform expert backup camera installation right here at our shop in Escondido.

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