Wheel and Tire Packages in Escondido at Audiosport

Audiosport has the largest selection of rims and wheels in Escondido, offering a wide variety of different colors, designs, sizes, and styles. No matter what your preference is, we have the rims that match your vision. While listing all of the different varieties of wheels and rims we offer would make for a seemingly never-ending list, below are a few of our favorite types of rims and wheels available for installation at Audiosport in Escondido.

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Wheel and rim options

  • Black Rims

Take your car to a whole new level of cool with black rims. Black rims blend in with your tires to give your car a sleek and sophisticated look as you are speeding down the road in Escondido. We carry many different shapes, sizes, and styles of black rims, giving you the high-quality rims you desire at a cheap price.

  • White Rims

If you want your car to stand out in a crowd, white rims provide your vehicle with a completely unique look and feel. No matter your vehicle make or model, we can find a set of white rims that will perfectly accent your vehicle. Be the envy of the neighborhood as you cruise down the street with some fresh new white rims.

  • Chrome Rims

Chrome rims are the classic look when it comes to wheel upgrades. These shiny rims have been used to catch eyes for decades, and you can get an affordable set of aftermarket chrome rims from Audiosport today. Get your car sparkling with chrome aftermarket rims today.

  • Off-Road Truck Wheels

If you love to go off-roading in your truck and need wheels that can support your rough and tumble lifestyle, you need new truck wheels. Truck wheels are a great addition to get your truck ready to handle any terrain, improving the quality and handling of your truck.

Off-Road Monster Wheels And Tires Installation Escondido Audiosport

Custom Rims and Wheels

If you can’t find rims or wheels that suit your needs, then we can equip you with a set of custom rims or wheels. These custom made rims and wheels are designed to perfectly complement your vehicle, driving style, and personal taste. If you are looking to modify or change your existing wheels for a new set that match your wheels and rims, than Audiosport can help you find the perfect set of custom wheels to give you exactly what you are looking for.

Rims and Tire Packages or Wheels and Tire Packages

Oftentimes when you get new rims or wheels, you may also have to get a new set of tires. Your new rims or wheels may be larger or a different style than your old set, so you will have to get tires that fit your new wheel dimensions to allow for safe driving. At Audiosport, we offer affordable rims and tire packages or wheels and tire packages, making it the one-stop shop for any and all wheel and tire upgrades. Our team of rim experts can get you set up with the perfect wheels and tire package that looks and drives great. Save yourself the hassle of trying to figure out what tire size you need to fit your new rims, and leave it to the experts at Audiosport.

Cheap car Rims, Wheels & Tires at Audiosport Escondido.

the Best Rim and Wheel Brands We Carry

Audiosport carries affordable rims, wheels and tires from brands you know and trust. We don't have some knockoff brand that will crumble at the first sign of wear and tear. We have brands that have a long track record of providing customers with exactly what they need. No longer do you have to stumble blindly through a variety of car wheel brands, hoping to get lucky and strike gold. All of the wheels, tires and rims we carry are of the highest quality and ready to take your car to the next level. Get amazing and affordable rims that are high-quality at a great price.

Install Affordable Car rims and wheels

Audiosport has been helping customers find the right rims, tires and wheels for their car since 1989. We have a strong history in the community for finding the perfect set of tires and wheels for cars at the ideal price. Not only does Audiosport have years of experience dealing with wheels and rims, we also have amazing customer service. We are ready and willing to answer any and all questions you may have about what wheels are best for your car in Escondido!

Save on affordable Wheels, Rims and Tires

For a limited time, Audiosport is offering huge discounts and deals on select tires, rims and wheels. We know that sometimes the upgrades you want to make to your car can be a bit pricy, and that is why we are always offering exciting deals and specials to save you money. We work with the community to offer fair and balanced prices, to go with our superior installation and amazing brands. Click the button below to see some of the amazing deals Audiosport is offering to our Escondido customers for brand new tires or wheels.

Best Aftermarket Cheap Car Rims in Escondido.

See rims, wheels and tire Photos

We have an amazing selection of cool custom rims, wheels and tires, but don't take our word for it! Check out the Audiosport wheel gallery for pictures of some of our favorite wheel, tire and rim installation jobs, as well as the selection of wheels we have in our Escondido store.

Contact us For New affordable car rims & wheels

Audiosport Escondido is the place to go to get your car looking and driving great. We have an amazing selection of affordable car rims, tires and wheels at our Escondido location. Get your car the tires, rims and wheels it deserves at Audiosport Escondido today! Contact us today to get your car looking and driving great! Give us a call at (760) 743-2333.

Cheap rims & wheels at Audiosport Escondido.

Tire Shop Escondido & Tire Installation at Audiosport

New Tires

If you are in need of a new set of tires, look no further than Audiosport in Escondido. We specialize in replacing old tires with a brand new set of high-quality tires at an affordable price. No matter the brand, size, or type of tires you are looking for, we offer high-quality tire installation in Escondido at a price you can afford. Not only that, but the team at Audiosport are experienced tire experts and will answer any and all questions you may have, helping you find the perfect set of tires to suit your needs. To get started or to get a quote on installation, contact Audiosport today by calling (760) 743-2333.

The Best Brands at Our Tire Shop in Escondido

Tire Shop Escondido Installation Audiosport

At Audiosport, we pride ourselves on only carrying the very best tire brands, all at an affordable price. We carry cheap tires in Escondido that are high-quality, durable, and built to last. We offer names you can trust, carrying a selection of BFGoodrich Tires, Toyo Tires, and Nitto Tires.

  • BFGoodrich Tires

When you think of tires, BFGoodrich is one of the first brands that comes to mind, as the esteemed American tire company has been equipping cars with new tires for close to 150 years! BFGoodrich combines experience with the latest and greatest innovations in tire technology to produce a product that will not disappoint.

  • Toyo Tires

While Toyo Tires may not have the storied history of BFGoodrich Tires, it has become one of the most respected names when it comes to tires. One key contributor to their sterling reputation stems from that fact that they offer a 500 mile trial offer with any and all tires. If after driving 500 miles with your Toyo tires you are not completely satisfied, you can return them to wherever you purchased them at no additional cost.

  • Nitto Tires

Nitto Tires offers a variety of different tires, including truck tires, passenger car tires, and competition tires. Whichever kind of tires you are looking for, Nitto will likely have a product that suits your needs. While Nitto is known for the diversity of different tires they offer, they are best known for the amazing offroading tires they offer, giving you the tires you need to explore the Escondido backcountry.

Expert Tire Installation in Escondido

We know how important proper installation is when it comes to car tires. If the tire is not properly installed and secured, it does not matter if you have tires from amazing brands like BFGoodrich, Toyo, or Nitto, At Audiosport in Escondido, we have a team of trained tire experts who specialize in installing new tires onto your vehicle. It does not matter the make or model of your car, we can get the job done.

Whether you are driving a Honda Civic or a Lifted Tundra, our team of tire specialists has the experience, training, and expertise to make sure your tires are securely installed. You should not trust just anyone with tire installation. Only trust Audiosport, home of the most trusted tire installation in Escondido. 

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