Car Services, Products and Installation at Audiosport Escondido

Audiosport Escondido is your one stop shop for all of your cars needs. If you want to upgrade your car sound system, Audiosport has the best car stereo and audio brands around and premium installation. Maybe you already have a bumping sound system, but want to install some car video screens in the car? No problem, we have that too! Audiosport is the place to go in Escondido for the very best car service. See below for a list of some of our most popular car services, and if you have any questions give us a call at (760) 743-2333.

Car Audio & Stereo System

Car audio & stereo system installation in Escondido.

Audiosport carries all of the best car stereo brands, such as JVC, Sony, and JL Audio. We not only have the best car audio brands, but also expert installation to make sure it sounds and looks great! Get a bumping bass installed, premium speakers, and a great amplifier all in your car at an affordable price. Visit our car stereo page for more details.

Car Alarm & Theft Prevention

Car alarm, security system and theft prevention in Escondido.

You can never be too safe with your car. If you are a car lover like we are, your car is your baby, and you have to do everything you can to keep your baby safe! Luckily for you, Audiosport Escondido offers affordable car security systems with premium installation. We have the very best brands in car theft prevention, offering security systems and alarms from Avital, Prestige, Viper and Audiovox. If you need the best car alarm installation in Escondido, come to Audiosport!

Car Window Tinting

Best car window tinting in Escondido.

Window tinting is a way to make your car cooler in more ways then one! Not only will a beautiful window tint from Audiosport make your car the envy of every driver on the road in San Diego, it will also keep the inside of your car at a cooler temperature. This makes your car more comfortable and saves gas money by having to use the air conditioner less. Come to Audiosport Escondido for a car window tinting that is guaranteed not to fade!

Affordable Car Wheels, Tires & Rims

cheap rims, cheap wheels, & cheap tires at Audiosport.

Audiosport carries the very best car, wheel and tire brands at the best prices in San Diego. Audiosport has affordable wheels, affordable tires and affordable rims from Hankook, Toyo, BF Goodrich and much more! If your wheels are starting to look worn down or just want some cooler looking rims or wheels, come to Audiosport Escondido for a great price. Visit or rims, wheels, and tires page for more details.

Car DVD Player

Car video system and DVD player in Escondido.

Adding a car video player is a win-win. Passengers in the back seat stay entertained and amused, and those in the front get peace of mind knowing the passengers are happy. Audiosport has the best car video installation in San Diego. Come to our Escondido location to get premium car video installation at affordable prices.

GPS Car Navigation System

GPS Navigation system installation for your car.

Getting lost is the worst. Nothing can be more deflating then having an important meeting or appointment, and halfway there you realize you are lost. Make getting lost a thing of the past with a GPS car navigation system. Audiosport Escondido has the best in-dash Navigation system installation, using GPS satellites to get you wherever you need to go. If you need a high-quality GPS car navigation system in Escondido, come to Audiosport.

Bluetooth Car Stereo System Installation

Bluetooth car stereo installation at Audiosport.

iPhones, Androids and other smartphones are an amazing invention. The ability to have all of your music, emails, contacts, and the internet at the touch of a finger makes grooving out to music and keeping in touch with friends easy. When you walk in the car, it shouldn't get any harder. Enter a Bluetooth Car Kit. Bluetooth Car Kits allow you to connect your iPhone or Android directly to your car stereo system, meaning you can talk to friends on the phone or listen to music in the car hands free. Audiosport Escondido has premium bluetooth integration kits and top of the line Bluetooth car music installation.

Sirius XM Satellite Radio

Sirius XM Satellite Radio installation.

If you want the best car entertainment, you need Satellite radio from SiriusXM. Satellite radio comes with over 140 channels of diverse and interesting topics, as well as the best music. Listen to music, sports, comedy, news, talk radio and more with the added bonus of no commercials! Audiosport Escondido offers the very best Satellite radio installation in Escondido.

Performance auto & discount auto parts

Audiosport Escondido performance auto parts

Audiosport Escondido wants to make sure your car is always performing best, but not at the expense of your wallet. That is why Audiosport has the best discount auto parts in San Diego. If you want to improve your car performance, come to Audiosport and we will give you a great deal on performance auto parts.

HID Headlight Kit Installation

HID headlights and HID light kits in Escondido.

It can be difficult driving at night. Sometimes you cannot quite see as well as you would like, and that is why Audiosport offers HID Kits and HID Headlights. HID headlamps make the road clearer and more visible, making you safer while also being more energy efficient. Come to our Escondido location for the very best HID headlight installation in San Diego.

LED Light Installation

LED light installation for cars in Escondido.

Get your car looking fresher than an Autumn evening with LED car lights. These LED lights make your car look awesome going down the road at night, and also has the added benefit of making your car more visible at night, ensuring your safety. Audiosport offers San Diego's best LED light installation at affordable prices. Come to our Escondido office to get your car some LED lighting.

Truck Lift Kits & Offroad Suspension Kit Installation

Offroad in a lifted truck in Escondido.

Get ready to go offroading in Escondido with a sick new lift kit from Audiosport Escondido, California. Audiosport offers expert installation of lift kits and suspension kits for cars, trucks and Jeeps. Contact Audiosport in Escondido for the best truck lift kits in town.

Apple CarPlay iPhone Integration

Escondido Apple CarPlay Installation.

Apple Carplay is the very best way to get many of the amazing features that make your iPhone so great readily available right on your car dashboard. Audiosport in Escondido specializes in Apple CarPlay installation at an affordable price.