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Car Video Specials

 Audiosport in Escondido offers the very best deals so you can get great prices and specials on car window tinting, car audio, car stereo speakers, car security, theft prevention and more.

Are you ready to take your car or truck to the next level? Then you need to install a TV monitor into your vehicle. Luckily, we know just who you should call. Audiosport Escondido have specialists on hand ready and willing to install a top of the line car video player, television, DVD player or monitor into your car. Our seamless installation makes your video monitor look like it was factory installed, giving your car an air of luxury it was previously lacking. We carry all of the best brands, including Pioneer, so that you can be sure you are only receiving a car video player of the highest quality. Audiosport for a limited time is offering amazing deals on car tv monitors, with specials and discounts for a variety of products. Contact Audiosport today and start watching your favorite movies and TV shows in your car as soon as possible!


Pioneer BLuetooth Stereo Only $229

  • Pioneer Model AVH X270 Bluetooth
  • CD Player
  • AM-FM Radio
  • Touchscreen stereo control
  • DVD player
  • Bluetooth car audio streaming

Pioneer Stereo only $229

 Audiosport in San Diego offers great prices on a bluetooth stereo system and DVD player. Come to our Escondido location for a great place to buy a touchscreen CD and DVD Player.

 Audiosport in Escondido offers great deals and discounts on Car and DVD stereo systems. Get a Pioneer AVH 170 for only $249 in San Diego.

Car DVD/Stereo for $199

  • Pioneer AVH 170
  • In-Dash DVD PlayerAM and FM Radio
  • CD Player with built in AUX port
  • USB port
  • Touchscreen
  • Bluetooth integration

Pioneer In-Dash DVD Player Only $199


Rearview Camera From $169

  • Top of the line rearview backup camera
  • Makes parallel parking easy!
  • Flawless installation

Backup Camera Only $169

 Audiosport gives you the best deals, specials, and discounts on rearview cameras. Come to our Escondido location to save cash on affordable back up camera.

 Audiosport offers a 7 inch motorized car DVD player for only $199. Come to our Escondido location for a great deal.

7" Motorized Car DVD Player Only $199

  • 7" Touchscreen DVD player
  • USB input
  • Auxiliary cord input
  • DVD player comes with remote control

Car DVD Player only $199


Free TV for Only $249

  • Free TV with purchase of Digixstream for $249.
  • Streaming HD Media for Free!
  • Digixstream is a Smart TV Box operated by the Android Operating System that plugs into your TV's HDMI port and high speed internet connection
  • Stream movies, TV shows, Sports, News, Live TV, International TV & More
  • No monthly fees

Free TV with purchase of digixstream

 Audiosport will give you a free TV if you purchase a Digixstream for only $249. Come to Audiosport Escondido to stream TV shows, sports, news, live TV, international TV and more.

 We offer two 7" headrest video players for $199 along with 2 headphones. This is a special discount offer only available at Audiosport Escondido.

7" Headrest DVD Player with 2 Headphones $199 & Up

  • Watch TV in your car with a 7" TV
  • Built in DVD player
  • Comes with 2 Headphones
  • Listen and watch movies and TV in your car

7" Headrest TV $199 & Up


Clarion Car Navigation System Only $399

  • Clarion Navigation provides satellite driving navigation
  • Pandora music included
  • Bluetooth integration to connect with your iPhone or Android

In-Dash Car Navigation Only $399

 Clarion Car Navigation System