Audiosport offers the very best deals in Escondido. We offers deals and specials on tires, tinted windows, rims, car audio, stereos, speakers, and more.

Specials on Car Window Tinting, GPS Navigation Systems and HID Headlights

Audiosport in Escondido offers the very best deals so you can get great prices and specials on car window tinting, car audio, car stereo speakers, car security, theft prevention and more.

Audiosport Escondido has more to offer then just car stereo systems and wheels and rims. We pride ourselves on offering a variety of car services, including but not limited to car window tinting, GPS Navigation Systems & H.I.D. headlight kits. We have a team of experts ready to get started on your vehicle, providing only top of the line installation that comes with years of experience. We have window tinting that is guaranteed not to fade, keeping the inside of your car cool and the outside looking cool. Our GPS Navigation systems make sure you won't get lost in San Diego, giving GPS directions to anywhere you need to go. H.I.D. Headlights allow you to see more clearly at night so you can drive safely and without worry. Audiosport Escondido is currently running specials on all three of these services for a limited time. If you are ready to upgrade your car to the next level, contact Audiosport today!

Audiosport in Escondido offers the best deals on car window tinting and tinted car windows. Come to Audiosport for a great deal on car tinted windows in Escondido.

Car Window Tinting from $59

  • Premium Window Tinting any make or model
  • Car window tinting guaranteed not to fade

Premium Tinted Car Windows Starting at $59


Clarion Car Navigation System Only $399

  • Clarion Navigation provides satellite driving navigation
  • Pandora music included
  • Bluetooth integration to connect with your iPhone or Android

In-Dash Car Navigation Only $399

Audiosport has a special deal on a Clarion navigation system, offering a top of the line navigation system for only $399 at our Escondido location.

An H.I.D. light kit allows you to see the road more clearly at night, making you safer. Audiosport Escondido offers HID lights for only $89.

H.I.D. Light Kit from $89

  • See the road clearly with Car H.I.D. Headlights
  • HID lights mimic sunlight to allow you to drive safer
  • Offering in multiple different HID lighting option

Car HID Headlamps Starting at $89