Can Window Tinting Your Car Make You Safer?

Car window tinting protects you in Escondido.

Let’s be frank here: Tinted windows add a touch of mystery and sex appeal to your car. As you roll up to the curb and hand your keys to the valet, you can’t help but feel a little bit like James Bond. But a boost in cool factor is not the only benefit of driving behind dark glass. Car window tint can actually keep you safer on the road. If you’ve thought about tinting your windows but aren’t convinced just yet, here are a few things to consider:

Car window tint prevents glare

The San Diego sunshine can quickly become a driving hazard at the wrong time of day. Car window tint helps reduce the blinding glare on your evening commute so you can keep your eyes on the road without straining.

Tinted windows offer privacy

By virtue of design, your windshield and windows offer a 360-degree view inside your car – including your personal belongings. If your commute takes you through a rough part of town or if you regularly park on the street, applying car window tint can make it more difficult for a thief to spot something they like in your vehicle.

Car window tint protects you from shattered glass

In an accident, car window tint creates a protective layer that prevents broken glass from shattering. With tinted windows, the glass is designed to break in one shard rather than a thousand small pieces. This makes your car’s windows more durable and keeps you and your passengers safe from cuts and scrapes. The shatterproof nature of tinted windows also prevents smash-and-grab thefts.

Tinted windows keep your interior cool

There’s nothing worse than sliding into your driver’s seat on a hot day and scorching your skin on the leather seat and steering wheel. Tinted windows are designed to block the thermal rays that make your car feel like an oven for a more comfortable ride. And, without having to blast the A/C, you’ll save money on gas.

Car window tint protects against UV rays

Because they’re glass, your car’s windows effectively block UVB rays. Windshields are specially treated to block UVA rays, but your side and rear windows allow UVA rays to penetrate. Applying car window tint to your side and rear windows will help protect you and your passengers from skin damage. This protection is especially important for babies, as their delicate skin is especially sensitive to the sun.

Come to Audiosport for professional window tinting in Escondido

Tinted windows not only give you an air of mystery when rolling up to a red light, but they also make you a safer driver. Tinted windows reduce the blinding glare of the sun, shield you and your passengers from harmful UV rays, and protect your personal belongings from theft. Honestly, we can’t think of a reason not to have tinted windows. At Audiosport, we offer affordable prices and same day service, and we also sweeten the deal with a no fade guarantee. We’re so confident in the quality of our window tinting products that we guarantee your car window tint won’t fade over time as is common with lesser tint jobs.

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