Why You Should Have Apple CarPlay Installed


There is no denying that the Apple iPhone was an absolute gamechanger. The way we interact with the world around us changed forever with the iPhone, as the once luxury item is now a ubiquitous necessity that is a required part of everyday life in America. The iPhone entertains us, informs us, directs us, and connects us, packing the functionality of dozens of different tools into one pocket-sized modern marvel. The iPhone has become so essential to thriving in a modern society that we need unrestricted access to it at all times, especially when we are driving.

While driving, we need to access the iPhone to use the maps, music, texting, phone, podcasts, and other features, and the Apple CarPlay makes it all simple and easy. If you do not have an Apple CarPlay installed in your car, you should, and the experts at Audiosport in Escondido explain all of the amazing reasons why below. If you are interested in getting an Apple CarPlay installed in your vehicle or would like to learn more, give us a call at (760) 743-2333.

Easily Make Phone Calls While Driving

Apple CarPlay allows you to make and receive phone calls while driving without endangering yourself or the people around you. Instead of having to look down at your iPhone to make or receive a call, you now simply need to interact with the touchscreen on your dashboard or use Siri to make a call. That way, you can keep your attention on the road and drive safe.

Send and Receive Texts

Texting while driving is currently an epidemic, leading to countless car accidents and cases of reckless driving. Apple CarPlay uses Siri to both compose and read aloud text messages. Simply dictate your text through Siri, or have the text message read aloud for you so you can text safely without putting yourself in danger.

Driving Directions

Apple CarPlay will display an easy to see map with your driving directions on your dashboard, allowing you to see where you need to go without having to squint at a tiny iPhone screen. Apple CarPlay will also read the driving directions aloud for you using Siri. Make getting lost a thing of the past with Apple CarPlay driving directions.

Stay Entertained With Apple CarPlay

If you are stuck in San Diego traffic or going on a long road trip, it is important to do everything possible to avoid boredom. Apple CarPlay allows you easy access to many of the apps you use to stay entertained and informed while you are on the road. Apple CarPlay supports a variety of music and audio apps, including Apple Music, Spotify, Podcasts, Audible, Audio Books, Sticher, and more.

Apple CarPlay Installation at Audiosport in Escondido

Make life easier, more entertaining, and more informative with an Apple CarPlay. It will transform your driving experience, giving you the ability to perform numerous necessary tasks with ease. Audiosport in Escondido is the Apple CarPlay expert, with experience installing Apple CarPlay into a variety of different car makes and models. If you are interested in learning more about Apple CarPlay or would like an estimate for installation, give us a call at (760) 743-2333.