How to Choose the Best Window Tint for your Car


When you live in Escondido, getting the windows of your car tinted is more than a want. It is a need. With the glaring heat of the Southern California sun beating down upon your vehicle most days of the year, it is essential to protect yourself and the interior of your car from the dangers of UV rays.

However, when you are getting your car windows tinted it is important to take into consideration all of the different varieties of window tinting there is out there. At Audiosport in Escondido, we have window tinting experts who can help you choose the very best window tint film for your car. To learn more, either read on or just give us a call at (760) 743-2333.

Pick Your Car Window Tint Type

There are five main different types of car window tints available for installation, all of which provide different benefits. The five car window tint types are dyed window tint, metalized tint, hybrid window tint, ceramic tinting, and carbon tinting. To learn more about the different kinds of car window tinting, check out our previous blog post on The Different Kinds of Car Window Tinting.

The Features of the Window Film Used in Tinting

Each window tint film has different features that they emphasize based on what you are looking for from your tinted windows. In order to pick the perfect window tint for you, it is essential to understand these different features and the benefits each brings.

Window Tint Shade

The shade of a window tint is the color that the tint will give off once installed. You want to pick a shade that matches your car and your overall aesthetic, as well as making sure the shade is within the California legal limit.


A good and high-quality window tint film should allow for amazing clarity while driving, making sure that you never put your life or the lives of your passengers in jeopardy. Check the clarity of a tint film during both the day as well as the night, looking for any reflection that can hinder your vision.

Color Stability

Over time, the sun beating down on a window tint film can make the color fade and the tint weaken. You want to make sure you have a tint film with high color stability, leaving the color of the tint holding up after years of exposure to UV rays. Generally, color stability is rated on a numerical scale, and anything less than 1 is excellent.

Solar Control

Solar control is how well the tint film restricts sunlight and heat from entering your vehicle. In the hot Escondido sun, high solar control is important to keep down the temperature of your vehicle.

UV Protection

You want a window tint with high UV protection, protecting you from skin damage and your car’s interior from corroding in the sunlight over time. Look for a UV rejection window tint, which gives you 99 percent protection from UV rays.

Talk to a Window Tint Expert in Escondido at Audiosport

The best way to find the window tint that is best for you is to talk to an expert. At Audiosport, we have a team of window tinting experts who will ask you a series of questions that will help determine the best window tint film for you. If you are interested in learning more about getting your car windows tinted in Escondido, give us a call at (760) 743-2333.