10 Best Car Security and Theft Prevention Brands

Car Theft Prevention brands from Audiosport Escondido.

Few things can instantly drop your heart into your gut like the sight of shattered safety glass where your car was once parked. And it’s not much consolation if your car is still there but all your belongings that were inside—car stereo, GPS navigation system, expensive sunglasses—are now gone. You might think your car is safe if you live in a relatively crime-free neighborhood, but car theft and break-ins can happen anywhere.

That’s why the only true defense is a car alarm to deter thieves and keep your valuables safe. While there are several theft prevention systems and options to choose from, we’ve compiled the 10 best car security brands out there with a range of features for varying budgets:

1. Viper Car Alarm and Theft Prevention

Viper has been one of the top names in aftermarket car alarms for years, and the technological capabilities of their products improve with each new release. Viper’s alarms feature rechargeable remote batteries with micro USB ports, a one-mile transmitting range, silent or vibration alarm alert modes, and the ability to monitor two cars at once. Viper’s systems can even integrate with your smartphone, giving you additional options above those available on the large-screen remote.

2. Avital Car Security System

Avital’s car alarm with remote start and keyless entry has one of the longest operating ranges in the market—1,500 feet—along with a dual-zone shock/motion sensor for added security and a cutting-edge LCD remote. And while security is truly priceless, Avital offers one of the most economical systems out there, priced in the low $100s to fit almost anyone’s budget.

3. Code Alarm Theft Prevention System

Another brand that focuses on reasonable prices instead of hundreds of extra features that you’ll probably never use—even remote starters, which are nice to have on chilly mornings, aren’t exactly necessary in sunny San Diego—Code Alarm offers keyless entry and a dual-stage impact sensor like many competing models.

4. Scytek Car Alarm System

If you’re looking to invest in a car alarm system with smartphone integration, you can’t go wrong with Scytek, which is actually on par with non-integrating alarm systems when it comes to price. Scytek’s system boasts a variety of app-based features like locking/unlocking, but the crown jewel of all features is real-time GPS tracking for the hopefully-never-necessary purpose of tracking your car if a thief manages to take off with it.

5. EASYGUARD Car Theft Prevention

If you’re a “no fuss” type of car owner but you still understand the importance of theft prevention, EASYGUARD offers a simple and practical alarm system that still comes with comparable features like passive keyless entry, remote start, remote trunk release, and more.

6. Crimestopper Car Security System

Just like the brand name promises, Crimestopper’s alarm system features a powerful 25-watt siren that will send any potential thieves running. Other features include a two-way rechargeable LCD remote with a bright screen and easy-to-read graphics that give you real-time vehicle status updates in addition to trigger warnings. And like the Viper system, you can monitor two cars at once—the perfect his-and-her gift for Valentine’s Day.

7. Alpine Alarm System

Alpine is a trusted name in car audio systems, but many people aren’t aware the brand offers car security systems as well. Alpine’s alarm system is standard compared to other brands, with remotes that offer keyless entry, a panic alarm, and valet mode. Easy to learn and program, Alpine’s car alarms might not be as well known as others, but you can count on quality when it comes to anything this brand makes.

8. Python Car Alarm System

If you guessed that Python car alarm systems are similar to Viper’s because of the snake-themed name, you guessed right. Python’s systems are nearly identical to Viper’s, with remote start, smartphone integration, dual shock sensors, and a powerful alarm speaker. So what’s the difference? Mainly the price—Python systems are less expensive than Viper’s, so if you’re not too brand-conscious, Python is an excellent alternative

9. Prestige Car Theft Prevention

Another brand name that’s loaded with meaning, Prestige systems are among the elite car alarm brands with prices at nearly double the competition. But you’re getting what you pay for—in addition to all the standard features, Prestige systems have a feature called City Mode, which means the sensors require three seconds of pressure before the alarm will sound. Prestige car alarms also have anti-hijack triggers, panic modes, and a car finder mode in the unlikely event your car is stolen.

10. Pyle Car Security System

In addition to dual-stage impact detection and a valet override switch, the remote transmitters for Pyle’s car alarm systems do it all: locking/unlocking, roll up/down windows, trunk release, remote panic, arm/disarm, and more. One of the most unique features of Pyle’s systems, however, is the anti-carjack feature, which monitors your car’s doors while the ignition is on—if a door is opened, the feature will trigger, giving you added peace of mind.

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