Audiosport Escondido Holiday Car Gift Guide

Audiosport car audio and window tinting gift guide.

If you’re already stressing about a notorious, impossible-to-shop-for person on your holiday gift list, it might help to start with their car. Unless they have a brand new high-end car with all the top bells and whistles, your picky giftee could probably use a little improvement when it comes to car accessories. So whether your loved one is into music, traveling, safety, or the latest tech, Audiosport can help you cross that difficult name off your list.

Gift idea #1: Stereo system for your car

For people who love music, there’s nothing worse than a stereo system that can’t handle their favorite bands and songs. A new amplifier or subwoofer will often do the trick, but sometimes a complete audio overhaul is in order. At Audiosport, we carry all the best audio brands like JVC, Alpine, Sony, Pioneer, Kenwood, Infinity, and more—and we also offer professional installation, which is a must if you’re investing in new equipment.

Gift idea #2: Alarm system and theft prevention for your car

If someone on your list already has a top-notch stereo system, help them protect it with an alarm system, many of which include automatic starters for extra security (and extra luxury, especially on chilly winter mornings). Audiosport specializes in car theft prevention, offering brands such as Viper, Avital, Pretige and Audiovox, plus professional installation services as well.

Gift idea #3: Car window tinting

Aside from looking undeniably cool, window tinting has many overlooked benefits. Tinted film blocks harmful UV rays that heat up car interiors to sweltering temperatures, fade upholstery, and increase the risk of skin cancer. Cooler interiors also mean gas mileage savings due to a decreased need for air conditioning, and the tint can help hide valuables from potential thieves. Audiosport provides great window tint rates and same-day installation, and we guarantee the tint won’t bubble or fade to purple over time—a common sign of inferior tint jobs.

Gift idea #4: Video player and monitor for your car

If your giftee has kids, they will thank you forever if you get them a car video player for the holidays. Video screens installed into the headrests mean minimal clutter and maximum entertainment. In addition to watching movies and shows on DVD, passengers can play video games on Xbox, Playstation or Nintendo. Trust us, long road trips will be a breeze, and your loved one will be grateful.

Gift idea #5: GPS navigation system for your car

The days of Thomas Bros. map books are long gone, but fumbling for directions on a smartphone while trying to drive in an unfamiliar area isn’t exactly the safest alternative. If someone on your list travels frequently—or gets lost often—they’ll benefit from a GPS navigation system installed in their car to find addresses and dictate directions with the touch of a button.

Gift idea #6: SiriusXM Satellite radio for your car

When you think radio, you probably think music—satellite radio from SiriusXM is that and so much more. With over 140 channels of diverse talk shows, informative news, hilarious comedy, and of course a wide selection of genre-specific music, satellite radio really is the gift that keeps on giving. Best of all, there are no commercials! Audiosport offers the best satellite receiver brands and professional installation. We’ll even recommend our favorite channels to get you started.

Gift idea #7: Car HID headlight kits

Now that Daylight Savings is over, everyone working the traditional 9-5 is driving home in the dark. High Intensity Discharge (HID) headlamps resemble natural daylight and boost visibility far beyond standard headlights. They’re also more energy efficient and don’t need to be replaced as often as halogen headlights. So if someone on your list is safety-conscious, energy-conscious, or both, an HID kit installed by Audiosport will make the perfect gift.

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