7 Ways to Protect Your Car from Theft

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The amount of money you’ve spent on your car – buying it, personalizing it, fixing it – may or may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you discover that it’s been stolen.  It could be, especially if it’s your dream car, but chances are your first thought will be, “Now, what am I supposed to do?” And then suddenly, even if you’re not emotionally attached to your car, here in Southern California, it’s highly likely that you’re logistically attached to it, dream car or no. In fact, it’s also likely that at the moment you discovered your car gone, you were on your way to someplace (work, a date, a ball game, the airport, whatever) that you now cannot get to.  

It is at this moment that you descend into the logistical nightmare of dealing with police reports, insurance claims, and buying a new car. And not just that. You might also descend into the emotional nightmare of beating yourself up for whatever it is you did or did not do that resulted in your car getting stolen in the first place. If it’s your dream car, both real-life nightmares will feel even worse.

Don’t let this be you.  Instead, live by the following list of 7 ways to protect your car from theft.

#1. Lock it up/shut it down for car theft prevention

This means: Turn off the ignition. (Never idle, people.) Close the windows all the way. Close the sunroof. Take the keys with you. Sounds like a given, we know. But a survey conducted on behalf of the National Insurance Crime Bureau and LoJack found that 33% of participants admit that they’ve left their car while it was running.

#2. Use a garage for car theft prevention

Your car is most likely to be stolen out on the streets. If you have a garage, use it. If you don’t, you may be able to rent out a garage space to park your car.  This is an especially good option for urbanites in California, especially considering that the Golden State takes up 7 of the 10 top spots for U.S. cities with the highest rates of car theft.

#3. Park in well-lit spaces for car theft prevention

You know how movie ninjas always wear black? If so, you probably also know they do that because it helps them blend into the dark of night. Car thieves like to remain hidden, too. You’ll decrease the chances of having your car stolen or broken into if you park it in well-lit spaces.

#4. Use anti-theft devices for car theft prevention

Lock up your steering wheel with The Club. Use a hood lock to block access to the battery for thieves hoping to break up cars for parts. If you don’t use your car often, get a tire lock (highly visible and hard to get off). You can also use gearshift locks, break pedal locks and more. The more visible the devices are, the stronger the message to thieves that your car won’t be an easy score.  

#5. Keep it in good shape for car theft prevention

A well-maintained car (no broken windows or headlights and no dents) says, “I’m well-taken care of, and there are likely anti-theft and/or tracking devices somewhere in me that are going to make it difficult for thieves to get away with me.”

#6. Hide your valuables for car theft prevention

Although losing your car to thieves is horrible, other annoying and nightmarish things can happen, too. Remember that survey we mentioned back at #1? Well, in that same survey, 40% of the participants admitted that they leave valuables (mail, purses, wallets, bank statements) in the car, potentially setting themselves up for identity theft. Talk about a nightmare! If you leave any valuables in your car at all (not that we recommend it), put them in the trunk.

#7. Outfit your car with a security system for car theft prevention

A complete security system for your car will provide an alarm (silent or audible) in case of break-in or tampering, an immobilizer to prevent theft, and a GPS to pinpoint where it is on the off-chance that some superthief bypasses everything else and gets away with your car. Other convenient features may include a remote starter and a tilt sensor monitor that will alert your smart phone to let you know you’re getting towed.

One more tip - Come to Audiosport!

When you’re ready for an aftermarket security system for your car, come see us at Audiosport. Our qualified installation experts will make sure your alarm system is installed right the first time. What’s the point of having an alarm system at all if a botched installation renders it useless?

Don’t be the person who doesn’t understand the importance of this until it’s too late.

Come in to Audiosport in Escondido.  We’ll do everything we can to keep your car safe. Just promise you’ll do the same. Give us a call today at (760) 743-2333.