10 Car Theft Prevention & Car Security Tips

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Buying a car is a huge investment, and when you add in all the upgrades, maintenance, and time spent behind the wheel, it’s not unusual for people to form attachments to their vehicles. This is what makes car theft more than financially devastating. It often strikes an emotional blow as well.

According to the Insurance Information Institute, more than 33% of all vehicle thefts occur near the owner’s residence, and around 20% happen in parking lots. While there may not be a way to guarantee that your car will never be stolen, there are several things you can do to reduce your risk:

Lock the doors of your car in Escondido to keep it safe

It might sound obvious, but you’d be surprised how often this tip is ignored. Car thieves aim to work fast and usually target cars that won’t involve too much time or effort to steal. Leaving your car doors unlocked helps them easily complete their first objective: getting inside the car.

Never leave your vehicle running to prevent car theft

Whether you’re just planning a quick run inside the coffee shop, or it’s a chilly evening and you want to get your car heater going before leaving work, it’s a terrible idea to leave your car running (even if you remove the key fob so you can lock it) because that completes the thief’s second objective: starting the ignition.

Drive a manual car to stop a car thief in Escondido

If you know how to drive a stick shift and the car you plan to purchase comes with a manual option, it might be worth it—especially if you live in an area with moderate to high levels of crime. A manual transmission is a huge deterrent to thieves.

Leave valuables out of sight in your car to keep your belongings safe

Sometimes a thief isn’t interested in your car, just the goodies visible through the soon-to-be-shattered windows. So be sure to leave purses, wallets, phones, navigations systems, and shopping bags out of sight. Bonus tip: invest in window tinting, which decreases visibility into your car.

Park in a safe garage for car theft prevention

If you have a garage, it’s much safer to park your car inside it at night rather than parking on the street. So clear out that clutter and make room if necessary. And for those living in large cities, garage rental spaces are often available. They don’t come cheap but depending on how much your car is worth, it might be a worthy investment.

Take care of your car to discourage car theft

Of course, you should be taking good care of your investment regardless of theft risk, but as counterintuitive as it seems, well-maintained cars are often less desirable to thieves. This is because there is a higher chance the car will have an alarm and a way to quickly locate it, such as a GPS tracking device.

Install an alarm system for car theft prevention

We’ve all heard the shrill honks and chirps of a car alarm going off and silently cursed the owner for not shutting it off fast enough, but alarm systems are loud and annoying for good reason: they attract attention and send thieves running. Be sure to have your system professionally installed by skilled technicians. The last thing you want is for a poorly installed system to fail right when it matters.

Display an alarm sticker for car safety in Escondido, CA

Going hand-in-hand with Tip 7, if you install a car alarm system, be sure to advertise it with a sticker displayed somewhere noticeable on your car (driver and front passenger windows are best). Thieves tend to avoid cars with anti-theft devices, and it’s better to let them know before they break your window and set off your alarm.

Install a GPS tracking system in case your car gets stolen

If you have a higher-end car, live in an area with high auto theft rates, or your insurance coverage is better for recovered vehicles (even if damaged) than stolen cars that are gone forever, you might want to invest in a GPS tracking system. The system will emit a signal to direct the police to the car’s location for faster recovery—and in some cases, less damage if not much time has passed.

Take the steering wheel to deter car theft

Modifying your car with a quick-release hub to take your steering wheel with you will protect your car from theft by making it un-drivable, but it won’t prevent theft of your valuables and car stereo. So if you want to protect your car inside and out, getting a car alarm professionally installed is still your best bet.

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