Benefits of In-Dash Car GPS Navigation Systems in San Diego

Audiosport GPS Navigation System Installation

We use our smartphones for everything these days: communication, entertainment, banking, scheduling, documentation (via video, camera, and voice recording), research, and information sharing.  Our phones have replaced our calendars, maps, newspapers, cameras, foreign language dictionaries, notebooks, CD players, and so many other things that a decade ago, we couldn’t have imagined doing without.

And yet, people keep coming into Audiosport and asking us about our in-dash navigation systems.  


That’s easy.

While our smartphones are made to do a lot of nifty things, our in-dash navigation systems are made to do some of those nifty things while driving.

Take a look at some of the key benefits of in-dash navigation systems below.

The benefits of an in-dash GPS Navigation system in San Diego

Better connectivity for an in-dash GPS Navigation system

What happens when you’re using Google Maps on your phone while driving through an area with little to no cell reception? It goes wonky or maybe cuts out altogether, right? Well, rather than relying on cell phone towers, your in-dash system uses satellite connections, which means you get an unbroken stream of information.

Better GPS guidance for a built-in car navigation system

When you’re driving long distances or through unfamiliar territory, you need more than just step-by-step directions.  In addition to allowing you to see your actual speed, miles to go, and time remaining, in-dash navigation systems allow you to view your position on the road and see exactly what the upcoming intersections or exits will look like. All that information on a large screen right there where your eyes can easily spot it makes a big difference when you’re driving.

Better hands-free experience for a Car GPS System

The Bluetooth compatibility in your in-dash system makes it easier to drive safely and still be accessible by phone.  When the phone rings, you don’t have to blindly use your hand to find your cell phone somewhere in the console or the passenger seat. At the touch of a simple button on your in-dash system you can answer the phone or even respond to an incoming text with a pre-written text that says, “I’m driving. I’ll get back to you shortly.”

The car gps navigation system is legal in San Diego, California

In the State of California, the law doesn’t care about the reason why your phone was in your hands while you were driving. You’ll get a ticket if you get caught using your phone for texting or mapping while behind the wheel. Believe it or not, using a smartphone GPS system can be just as distracting as texting, especially when you’re trying to read map features on a small screen. Your in-dash system’s large screen, easy-to-see features, and easy-access position will help you get where you’re going safely and legally.

An in-dash navigation system frees up your phone

When you use your in-dash system for navigation, you free up your phone for all its other functions.  On a long road trip or in heavy traffic, you might need to break out Angry Birds on your phone to distract a fussy toddler. Similarly, your passenger can use your phone to access your music playlist, read restaurant reviews, or snap a picture of the San Diego Bay without interrupting the navigation.

Audiosport Escondido can install your in-dash navigation system in your car

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Are you ready to hit the streets of San Diego with a navigation system made specifically for safe driving? At Audiosport in Escondido, we carry top-of-the-line in-dash navigation systems that can do more for your safe driving experience than your smartphone can.

Not sure which system is best for your car? Let us help you find what you’re looking for. Then, our qualified, professional installers will make sure it’s properly installed so you can get out there and hit the road – happy, safe, and secure in the knowledge that you’ll always know where you’re going.

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