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Picking the Right Rims for Your Car

If you are thinking about buying new rims or wheels, you are likely spending most of your time focusing on how the rims and wheels will look. You want those new rims that will turn heads, getting your car looking extra fresh. However, there is more to choosing new custom rims and wheels than the way they look. At Audiosport, we are rims and wheels experts, boasting the largest selection of rims and wheels in all of Escondido. We can help you pick the right rims for your car, choosing the perfect rims to complement the make and model of your vehicle. To learn more, give Audiosport a call today at (760) 743-2333.

How Do I Know What Rims Fit My Car?

In order to know what rims fit your car, you need to know the range of wheel and tire sizes that will work for your car. Most cars can support a range of sizes, but if you know your wheel diameter and rim width you will be able to choose new rims that perfectly fit your vehicle. The wheel diameter is the width of the wheel, measured across the center in inches, while the rim width is the width of the wheel if looking at it from right in front of it.

You can find your wheel diameter and rim width by looking at your tire. The wheel diameter and rim width are both stamped on your wheel, along with some other information that may be valuable when finding the right size rims.

What Size Rims Fit My Car?

There are numerous types and sizes of rims, and determining which size rims fit your car depends on what you are looking for. If you are simply changing rims for aesthetic purposes, then you probably want to just use the exact same size your car currently has. If you are looking for rims and wheels to improve your car’s acceleration and cornering, you will want to go with a wheel that has a slightly larger diameter then your current wheels. However, be aware that larger wheels can also mean that you wear out your tires quicker, and you may feel more bumps in the road while you drive. Smaller wheels make for a smoother and more comfortable ride, although you may notice a decrease in your car’s handling.

Other Factors to Consider When Purchasing New Rims

Size is just one aspect to consider when purchasing new rims. There are various other factors that can contribute to rims and wheels being the right choice for you. Some of these factors include wheel plus sizing, wheel offset, backspacing, and bolt patterns. Essentially there are too many factors to consider for somebody who does not have experience with wheels and rims. That is why the best course of action is to describe the look you are after, and then let an expert take over from there. The rims and wheels experts at Audiosport can then go through the arduous task of finding the perfect set of rims to fit your vehicle.

Custom Rims and Wheels Installation at Audiosport in Escondido

If you are in the market for a new set of rims or wheels, come to Audiosport in Escondido. Instead of trying to figure out if a pair of rims will fit your car, let the experts handle things. The rim installation experts will take all of the necessary measurements and find the perfect set of rims for your car. If you are interested in learning more about custom rims installation or have any other questions, contact Audiosport Escondido today by calling (760) 743-2333.