How to Choose the Right Wheels for Your Car

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Getting a new set of wheels for your car is cause for excitement. New wheels can dramatically alter the look and feel of your car, similar to a new hairdo can completely change the way a person looks. Not only do new wheels look great, they also can improve driving performance, making for a smoother and safer ride. However, if you are in the market for a new set of wheels, do you know what to look for? Audiosport is the premier car wheels shop in Escondido, and here we offer tips on how to choose the right wheels for your car.

What is the Difference Between Wheels and Rims?

While many use the terms wheels and rims interchangeably, there is, in fact, a difference between the two. A rim is the outermost area of a wheel that holds the tire firmly in place, allowing the tire to rotate along with the rest of the wheel.The rim is connected to the wheel through the spokes on the wheel.

Single-Piece Wheels vs. Multi-Piece Wheels

One of the main classifications for wheel types is single-piece wheels vs. multi-piece wheels. A multi-piece wheel is when the rim, hub, and spokes are separate parts that are all attached to one another, while a single-piece wheel cast all of the pieces together in one part. The main benefit of a multi-piece wheel, which tend to be more expensive than single-piece wheels, is that if any part of the wheel is damaged, only the damaged part needs to be replaced instead of the whole wheel.

Choose Wheels that Match Your Tires

If you have tires that you do not want to replace, make sure your new wheels match the size of your tires. Take note of the diameter and width of your current wheels, tires, and new wheels, making sure that they all match.

Choosing the Right Wheel Size & Material for Performance

There are a few things to keep in mind when choosing a new wheel when it comes to performance.

  • Larger wheels with a bigger diameter tend to improve the grip of a tire on the road, increasing the vehicle’s handling and steering response.
  • Widening the rim improves the stability of the tires on corners
  • Increasing the radius of the tire and rim together can slow down your car and lose some anti-lock braking effectiveness
  • Aluminum wheels are lighter and may help conserve gas
  • Steel wheels are heavier and more durable
  • Steel wheels will make it more likely you will feel bumps in the road

Choose a Wheel Style That Suits You

There are a seemingly endless array of options to choose from when it comes to car wheel styles. There is a difference in size, shape, color, and material, all of which work together for a vastly different look and feel. Make sure to examine all options and choose the look and style that best suits you. This is a chance to put your own custom spin on your car, so make sure to choose wheels that you love.

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