Car Window Tinting Gallery

San Diego has the exquisite and exclusive privilege of being sunny nearly 365 days a year. It is a privilege that is more or less unheard of throughout the entire planet, and it is every residents sacred duty to relish the relentless sunshine. However, that constant sunshine does have some downsides, especially when it comes to your car.

Why Get Tinted car windows?

Tinted windows for your car or truck provide you protection from the dangerous UV Rays that come from the sun, making sure your skin is safe during the relentless hours you spend in traffic or in your car. Tinted windows also keeps the interior of your car safe. Over time, the repeated exposure to sunlight can cause the interior of your car to diminish over time, resulting in unnecessary wear and tear to your car seats and dashboard. On top of protecting you and your car from sunlight and UV Rays, tinted car windows also helps keep your car cooler. No more sweating in your car on a hot Escondido summer day. Tinted windows keep your car cool, meaning you have to use your air conditioner less. That means you will also save money on gas over time because of infrequent air conditioning usage. On top of all of that, window tinting just makes your car look really cool. Don't believe us? Check out our gallery below.

We offer the best car window tinting

Our work speaks for itself. If you want window tinting guaranteed not to fade, you need to come to Audiosport Escondido. We have car tinted window experts ready to give you an amazing window tint job. If you are ready to get your car feeling and looking cooler, contact Audiosport Escondido today by giving us a call at (760) 743-2333!